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Our engineered design has increased energy efficiency.

Experience Green Living

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LEED* Registered and environmentally sensitive, Gateway Commons adheres to energy efficiency, sustainability, and environmentally responsible living. Each residence at Gateway Commons has been professionally designed with style, comfort, safety and efficiency in mind. Our engineered design has increased energy efficiency and natural, renewable products are featured throughout.

*The US Green Building Council’s LEED System (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a rating system with objective, engineered, standards that a project must meet to qualify.
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Experience Green Living

Model of Sustainability

  • Reduced Water and Energy Consumption
  • Conservation of Materials and Resources
  • Environmentally Responsible Building Design
  • Long Term Energy Conservation
  • Renewable and Recycled Materials
  • Maximizes Health and Comfort of Occupants
  • Minimizes the Impact of the Building on the Environment Both in Construction and Ongoing Operation