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Welcome to Gateway Commons! Our location is one block from the TCAT bus line and is in walking distance to downtown Ithaca and The Commons reducing car useage and fuel comsumption. Prior to initial occupancy all work was suspended for two weeks. According to LEED regulations, MERV filters were installed on all heat pumps, and the building was "aired out" for two weeks to remove any residual toxins. Our goal at Gateway Commons is to provide for the comfort and well-being of all our residents. We anticipate receiving a Silver Rating from the USGBC.

Mack & Carol Travis

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Gateway in Downtown Ithaca

  • One Block from the Historic Ithaca Commons
  • Some of the Finest Shopping & Dining Between NY & Toronto
  • Stroll The Historic Pedestrian Mall
  • Experience The Carl Sagan Planet Walk
  • Great Entertainment, Special Events & Night Life
  • Sophisticated Urban Living